NCR Century

Computer NCR Century 100,200, 8200 (many other models were available)
Manufactured by NCR 
Owned by Various 
Dates Worked 1968-72,1973-1976 
  In April 1969 I joined NCR in Birmingham, having been declared redundant (but no redundancy pay) by English Electric (GEC). I went though a series of courses on the Century at the Greenford Training centre. (to be continued)
Programming  Main language was NEAT/3 an advanced assembler language. I also used Cobol.
Hardware  C-100 2*4Mb removeable disks, 16/32 Kb memory (initially Thin-Film Rod), Punched Card or Paper Tape reader, line printer. The C-200 was larger with more power, memory, disk capacity, magnetic tapes etc. I don't think NCR sold any C-300 machines in the UK, but they were used by banks in Japan. The 8200 ran Century software but was based on the 605 processor.
  Software  B1 - Simple OS, B2 - as B1 with "on-line real-time" partition, B3 - Multi-user system for Century 200 and upwards.
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