IBM 370/65

Computer IBM 370/65 (it may have been a 360/65 !)
Manufactured by IBM 
Owned by GEC 
Dates Worked 1972-3 
   By 1972 I had got involved in local politics and in that year I was elected as a Stafford Borough Councillor .
Meetings etc put pressure on my time and when I had an offer from my old boss at English Electric(now GEC) to return, I accepted. My responsibilities were to run a support department providing advice on the use of the Stafford IBM main frame which supported remote job  entry (360/20,1130,System/3) machines located at number of branch sites. This involved writing standard utilities programs and documentation. It became obvious after a short time that the move was a mistake (GEC  liked to employ councillors - they reckoned they wouldn't do anything to harm their company !).  In Summer 1973 I talked to an ex-boss Ken Burnham and he arranged for me to return to NCR.  (By this time my 2 year stint on the council was coming to an end and the pressure was off)
Programming  Mainly Assembler and JCL (Job Control Language)
Hardware  8 * 100Mb drives (3330) , 640(?)Kb memory [I didn't see the computer very much and I may be mistaken on the exact model number]
Software  OS-360/MVT
The computer ran conventional batch input jobs. Input was on mainly on punched cards which were read on remote RJE (360/20,1130,System/3) machines
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