NCR 605

Computer NCR 605 - General purpose mini-computer
Manufactured by NCR 
Owned by various 
Dates Worked 1977 
  In 1976-77 we spent  a year in Dayton Ohio. I went to work at NCR HQ to help develop a 'back office' system for European department stores. The team comprised a American(ex German, ex Canadian) team leader with two American, one German and one UK(me) programmers.  The system which would process goods received notes and then print OCR labels would use the recently released Intel 8080 processor (later to become heart of the IBM PC). We were going to write it in Cobol and it would use an 'operating system' being developed elsewhere in NCR. After 8 months or so it became apparant that the operating system was not ready, and that the performance was unacceptable. The project was then put on hold and eventually died. But it was great fun while it lasted. [More about Dayton later]

Before leaving I went on a 605 assembler programming course at the Sugar Camp training center with the idea that I would specialise in it when I returned to the UK. As it happened 'management' was not prepared for me to work on it in Birmingham, and was not prepared to pay enough to persuade me to move to London. I worked for a short time on the 8250 using Cobol before leaving to join CBS at the end of 1977.
Programming  Assembler. IMOS-Cobol was the main language of the 8200 although it could run NEAT programs,
Hardware  This general purpose mini-computer was used in many NCR machines in the late 1970s. Including the Century 8200, the 499 'Accounting Machine', POS-PointOfSale(725), Financial, communications(721) and disk(658) controllers.
Software  Various depending on the application context.
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Mainly POS
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