System 4

Computer English Electric System 4 
Manufactured by English Electric Leo Marconi Computers
English Electric Computers
Owned by  
Dates Worked  1968-9
  When working for English Electric Ltd in Stafford I was sent on courses for the System 4 as this was going to be the computer that was to replace the KDF9 on the Stafford site. However I had just been trained and we (a team led by Brian Garbett) were planning the System 4 installation when in September 1968, EE was taken over by GEC (aka Arnold Weinstock) and all plans were put on hold. Some months later I was informed that if I wished to apply for other jobs I could take the time off ! (this being the before any redundancy schemes came into force - and I had only been with EE just over a year). Thus NCR!
See 370/165 for further developments at Stafford.
Programming  System 4 was a re-badged RCA Spectra which in turn was one of the first IBM 'Clones'  in this case  a copy of the  IBM 360 range. The aim was to produce a range of British built computers 4/10, 4/30, 4/50, 4/70 etc. The 4/75 was built for Edinburgh University.  My 360 experience had been the reason for my recruitment by EE in the first place. The assembler code was almost identical to the IBM.
Hardware I think the early machines were re-badged Spectras but the 4/70 was a long time coming.
Software The original operating system was very similar to DOS/360 but incorporated things to make it easier to move from other RCA machines. I didn't stay long enough to find out any more. The home grown operating system (System J) was late and complex.
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